1. Fill in the registration page, send it, you will receive an emails, click on the “Activate” button.

2. You will have two ways to edit your profile:

     a) After having clicked on the “Activate” button, you find the login page, fill it for opening the website, open the Member page, click on your page to open your profile page for editing your profile.

     b) Or you will receive an email after having clicked the “Activate” button, click on the profile, it will open the profile page for your editing.

3. When you edit your profile page, a little icon at your right, click it, upload your photo after having clicked on “change avatar”.

4. Now you can join or leave groups, post your activities, and talk to friends online.

5. When you have an acquaintance, invite him/ her in chatroom to discuss, exchange your aventures or travel experience.

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