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Welcome to our website, Hikers, trekkers, cyclists and nature lovers... can meet friends worldwide through online forums, social media groups, and travel apps. They can also join local hiking or trekking clubs, participate in group tours, and attend outdoor events or festivals. Additionally, staying in hostels, homestays, or camping sites can be a great way to connect with fellow travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

meet bikers

Meet cyclists

Use social media, Look for cyclists groups on social media platforms. You can connect with other riders, share stories and pictures, and plan group rides.

Forest walkers

Use social media, Look for hiking groups on social media platforms . These groups can help you connect with other hikers, plan group hikes, and share photos and stories about your adventures.

Nature lovers

Attend nature events by siteweb, Look for events hosted by environmental groups, national parks, zoos, botanical gardens or local community centers. These events might include hikes, nature walks, workshops, or talks on environmental issues. Attending these events can help you meet other nature lovers and learn more about the environment.

Main functions of the website:

  • Introduce your experiences, trails, share your beautiful landscape photos or videos, There are many things to keep in mind when hiking in the wild, as well as equipment that you can discuss with people on the blog.
  • exchange private messages, meet friends, maybe visit each other one day, travel together. This site is consecrated for hikers trekkers bikers meeting
  • Professional hiking and walking guides can also issue beautiful routes to attract guests.
Trekkers meeting

Beautiful trekking trails in the world.

trekker meeting

Annapurna national park, Nepal

Mount Kailash trek

Mount Kailash trek, China

trekker rencontre

Fann mountains, Tajikistan

trek and hike

Eight Lakes, Mongolia

Zhangjiajie, China

trek in Russia

Trail in Lake Baikal, Russia

trek in Norway

Devil’s Tongue, Norway

trek mont blanc

Trek  tour de Mont Blanc, France

Trek in Corse

Trek in Corse GR20, France

Trek in Caucase

Stepantsminda Kazbegi, Georgia

Aosta Valley, Italy

trek Island

 Laugavegur, Island

Colorado trek


Copper Canyon, Mexico

Yukon trial

Parc National Kluane, Yukon, Canada

Fjord d’Hébron, Labrador,


Idaho trek

Darby Creek Canyon, Idaho,


Alaska trek

Alaska Penn AR, USA


Inca trial

Inca trail, Peru

Patagonia trek

Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Argentina

Cuzco trek
Vinicunca Mountain, Peru
Uyuni salar trek

Uyuni salar trek, Bolivia

Atacama hike

Atacama Desert, Chile

Auyantepuy Trek

Ayyantepuy Trek, Venezuela

New Zealand trek

Tongariro Alpine Crossing, New Zealand

Rotorua trek

Rotorua trek,
New Zealand

Larapinta Trail

Larapinta Trail, Australia

Hoggar trek

Hoggar Sahara trek

Damaraland trek

Damaraland trek, Namibia

Ennedi desert trek

Ennedi desert trek, Chad

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